Zinc Reclaim Furnaces by Advanced Vacuum Systems

Zinc Reclaim Furnaces

AVS has developed a zinc reclaim process and furnace systems for the recovery of scrap tungsten carbide. The AVS process uses molten zinc to break down the cobalt bond structure, then the zinc is removed, leaving a friable tungsten carbide residue that is easily crushed for re-use, with ≤50 ppm zinc remaining. While zinc is more effective on cobalt based binding systems, nickel-based bonds can also be recovered using this method and furnace.

Two standard models of AVS zinc reclaim furnaces offer the capability of processing up to 600# or up to 1200# of scrap tungsten carbide material per run. Current owners of AVS zinc reclaim furnaces are realizing tremendous return-on-investment from the recovery of otherwise unusable scrap material. AVS also offers heavy duty load carts, tip systems and screening equipment.