Except for customers using vacuum only for initial pump-down of a system, the level of vacuum can play a critical role for many customer processes. AVS provides vacuum control for customers requiring tightly constrained partial pressure atmospheres from the millitorr range to the higher torr ranges, including differential pressure systems designed to prevent process gases from contaminating hot zones and vacuum chambers. AVS provides customers with high vacuum performances as low as the 10-6 torr to 10-7 torr ranges. Depending on your process requirements, AVS offers mechanical rough pump systems or dry pumps, in combination with diffusion pumps, turbo pumps or cryogenic pumps. High vacuum chambers also receive special care in fabrication to eliminate virtual leaks, such as internal weld grinding, electro-polishing and the use of minimal threaded fittings. The addition of traps, cryo-condensers, water jacket temperature manipulation and differentially pumped door seals can assure the customer of reliable high vacuum performance.