Control Capabilities

For customers requiring precision performance AVS uses high-accuracy instruments with floating point logic for control. For applications such as those found in hot press systems using pressure transducers or load cells for force control, AVS uses 16-bit high resolution controls and instruments. An 8-bit input card has a normal resolution of 256 significant counts of a full scale (1/256 of 100%, or 0.39% per step). However, that is subject to “real world tolerance stack-up”. This tolerance stack-up is caused by instrument inaccuracies, mechanical hysteresis and electrical noise. The theoretical resolution of ±0.39% may actually be as much as 5X or 10X worse (10X would be if every possible aspect of an installation was flawed, so that is the worst case value). It should therefore truly be expected to control to possibly ±03.0%, but absolutely no worse than ±3.9%. Using 16-bit controls offers 65,536 significant count, improving these values by 256X, overcoming many “real world tolerance stack-ups”. This allows AVS to confidently quote control of many of our customer’s critical parameters to ±0.025% of full scale.