AVS Programming Engineers have extensive experience with numerous control systems and all types of furnace control schemes. AVS has programmed controls and instrumentation for temperature uniformity, heat ramping, cooling rate control, vacuum, partial pressure, gas pressure, gas flow, gas mixing, gas preheating, hydraulic pressure, force measurement, linear position, rotary position and product weight change. AVS Field Service Engineers are available to go on-site to install software, modify programs or re-program our customers’ furnace controls.

For AVS furnaces with ACE™ Control Systems and internet access, program modifications can be performed by AVS Controls Engineers at AVS and downloaded onto your furnace without requiring a site visit. As part of our lifetime technical support, AVS is willing to implement small changes to your ACE™ System at no charge. An example might be, if after some period, a customer decides to add temperature displays to a different display screen, AVS would perform such a modification and download it remotely. More complex ACE™ program changes can also be performed remotely, though a nominal programming charge may apply.