Furnace Services offered by Advanced Vacuum System


The variety of AVS furnace equipment includes front-loading horizontal furnaces, top-loading, bottom-loading or bell-style vertical furnaces, vacuum furnaces, vacuum drying ovens, hot press furnaces, autoclaves, sinter HIP furnaces, CVD furnaces, CVI furnaces, Hetherington furnaces, vacuum brazing furnaces, zinc reclaim furnaces and semi-continuous furnace systems. AVS will often customize the arrangement of furnace components to accommodate customers who have limited floor space or overhead clearance constraints in their facilities, or complete systems can be skid-mounted for rapid installation. AVS also fabricates and provides support equipment to be used in conjunction with furnace systems, including load cart systems, work racks, muffle boxes, retorts, work boxes, hydrogen burn-off systems, scrubber systems, gas control cabinets and gas controls, vacuum pump systems, gas recovery systems, overhead cranes, automatic material transfer, automatic loading and part handling systems.