Some AVS customers have procured many furnaces throughout their years of involvement in their respective industries. With their personnel having acquired considerable experience in the operation, maintenance and installation of furnace equipment, they require little, if any, assistance installing their latest furnace. Other customers are purchasing their first furnace ever, and desire all the assistance they can get.

AVS offers installation help to match each customer’s comfort level, from minimal installation assistance, to installation assistance, to complete turnkey installations. Our customers are offered four levels of assembly and installation services.

  • Standard Installation Guidance - AVS will provide the customer with a complete set of photographs, as well as guidance by telephone, email or internet to assist the assembly and installation of their furnace

  • On-site Installation Supervision - AVS will provide technician(s) on-site to direct assembly and installation by the customer

  • Installation Assistance - AVS will provide working technician(s) on site to assist customer with assembly and installation of equipment

  • AVS Installation - AVS will provide working technician(s) on site to uncrate, direct rigging and placement of equipment, completely assemble and install equipment at the customer location