Industrial Autoclave for Industry Applications

Industrial Autoclave

AVS industrial autoclave is in use today in several industries, such as composites manufacturing and metal heat treating. Fully certified for ASME Section VIII, Division 1, AVS welds its own pressure vessels, allowing the confidence to offer the only standard 5 year chamber warranty in the industry. AVS automatic hydraulic locking rings securely seal the chamber door for safe, reliable operation under pressure.
Specially engineered annular insulation packs with gas circulation nozzles create uniform convective temperatures. Powerful circulation fans with concentrated heater banks and rapidly deployed water cooling also enable AVS industrial autoclave to heat and cool product at the customer-prescribed rates. For applications requiring vacuum bags, AVS offers multiple vacuum controls, valves, filtration and sensor manifolds for user-selectable production set-ups. AVS has delivered systems with over 30 individually selectable vacuum lines. The AVS ACE™ data acquisition and control system constantly monitors and records all data, from the furnace temperature and pressure conditions, to individual product survey thermocouples or vacuum bag parameters.
AVS Industrial autoclave with product support cart system
Large Industrial autoclave, 8’ diameter x 35’ long, rated for 150psig at 450°F