Customer Specifications Drive The Performance Of Every AVS Furnace

High Temperature Furnace Parameters

AVS recognizes the importance of all of our customer’s furnace parameters, providing high temperature furnace equipment capable of meeting the most demanding requirements, including temperatures to 3000°C, vacuum levels to 10-6 torr, gas pressures to 3000 psig (200 bar), hydraulic hot pressing forces greater than 1200 tons, and critical gas atmospheric control, including differential pressure control, partial pressure sweep gas, CVD, hydrogen burn-off and many other gas atmosphere control technologies.

AVS has capabilities to build hot zones for any high temperature furnace application. To achieve the highest temperatures, AVS manufactures graphite furnace, using graphite heater elements and felt or rigid graphite board insulation materials. When a graphite furnace presents a risk of carbon reaction or particulate contamination with the customer’s product, AVS can provide refractory metal hot zones. All-metal high temperature furnace may use molybdenum or tungsten as elements and heat shields, enabling clean high vacuum environments and temperatures up to 2100°C.

AVS readily leverages over 40 years of furnace technology to engineer custom furnace equipment that may require combinations of many of the above parameters. AVS furnaces have employed parameter combinations for either metal or graphite furnace, such as: high temperature with HIP pressure, high vacuum with hot pressing, high temperature with flowing gas, high pressure and high temperature with hydrogen burn-off, or high vacuum with HIP pressure. Why settle for a standard furnace when AVS will build the right furnace.
2100°C tungsten hot zone high temperature furnace
Graphite furnace, 2300°C high temperature furnace, 24” x 24” x 36”