Customer Specifications Drive The Performance Of Every AVS Furnace

Furnace Manufacturing

AVS manufactures furnaces to satisfy our customer’s temperature, vacuum and gas atmosphere requirements, with capabilities to accommodate furnaces ranging in size from 4” diameter mini furnaces to hot zones 12 feet across and larger. AVS fabricates graphite hot zones or metal hot zones including stainless steel, nichrome, inconel, molybdenum or tungsten. AVS furnaces have involved combinations of high temperatures to 3000°C, high vacuum to 10-6 torr, and gas pressures up to 3000 psig (200 bar). Other customers have required complex gas controls, such as those required for CVD or debinding, gas quenching or hydraulic hot presses ranging from 5 tons to more than 2000 tons of force.

AVS designs, engineers, builds, and programs furnaces that are used for processes such as debind, MIM, vacuum sinter, pressure sinter, HIP, CIP, vacuum brazing, diffusion bonding, hydrogen burn-off, reducing, nitriding, induction melting, annealing, gas quench, hot press and vapor deposition. AVS stands alone, willing to build custom furnaces that enable customers to combine several processes for the most advanced, customer confidential applications.

With a full welding staff, adherence to ASME codes allows AVS the confidence to offer the only standard 5 year chamber warranty in the industry. Vacuum chambers are manufactured by certified AVS welders in our facility and, depending on requirements, can be fabricated from mild steel, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel. The standard leak rate on an AVS vacuum chamber is 5µ/hour, but can be fabricated to a tighter specification if required for your process requirements.