Field Assessments

Customers often want to know whether their furnace is worth the effort of repair, refurbishment or an upgrade. In some cases the customer has owned and operated a furnace for years. In other cases a used furnace has been acquired and its condition needs validation. Occasionally a customer wants to know the risks before they purchase a used piece of equipment. There are still other customers who simply want AVS to service their equipment, unaware of its condition. In all of these cases AVS will send a Field Service Engineer on site to perform a complete evaluation. The engineer will usually require 4 to 6 hours at the site, not only testing and examining equipment, but also interviewing the customer to better understand the intentions for the furnace. This total evaluation is crucial to determine if the furnace can be adapted to the customer’s needs and, if so, what service might be required. AVS then presents the customer with a complete report of the assessment, listing repairs or replacements required for safety, as well as whatever optional upgrades might be of interest.