AVS custom furnace solutions have addressed our customers’ specific needs for combinations of technologies or capabilities not typically found in “standard” furnace systems. AVS has manufactured hot press furnaces with multiple rams, arranged for side-by-side or for opposing co-linear pressing; CVD furnaces capable of mixing different gases via on-the-fly via recipe control; semi-continuous auto-load furnaces for sintering, debinding, hot pressing and hot forging; multi-material sputtering with rotary and linear motion; as well as furnaces capable of heating and cooling hundreds of kilograms of product in abbreviated time frames.

In addition to furnaces, AVS has also designed and manufactured ancillary and support equipment necessary to complement our customers’ advanced furnace systems. For example, several owners of multiple AVS Sinter HIP furnaces with high throughput production requirements also have gas recovery systems integrated with, and shared by, their furnaces. By using multiple recovery and high pressure supply tanks, the system enables any furnace to pressurize or exhaust rapidly without waiting for other furnaces. AVS has also provided automated load carts, load pre-staging equipment, 6000# capacity walking beam load transfer, gas pre-heating systems, water-cooling systems, auto-load and auto-eject hot press systems, and a variety of other devices to provide our customers with the highest efficiency systems.