Customer Specifications Drive The Performance Of Every AVS Furnace

Control Programming

Customer specifications drive the performance of every AVS furnace. The AVS ACE™ Data Acquisition and Control System allows easy, understandable recipe creation and management. Using Wonderware as the Graphic User Interface, each ACE™ Control System has a custom-configured graphic display, unique to each furnace, and is custom programmed to allow the customer complete recipe control of their most critical process parameters. Continuous data recording of all digital or analog signals allows an AVS customer to chart the most important data together in custom combinations for meaningful review of key parameter correlations. Continuous data recording also enables quick access to the run history of the furnace for reference or even live side-by-side comparison of the current run to a benchmark run.

Not only does AVS design, develop and program the control logic for new AVS furnace systems, but we have provided controls programming updates for customers with older AVS furnaces, or even furnace systems made by other furnace manufacturers. In any circumstance, AVS controls allow the customer to completely control, monitor and record all of the critical parameters in their process.