Customer Specifications Drive The Performance Of Every AVS Furnace


In addition to being a vertically integrated manufacturer of custom vacuum furnaces and pressure furnaces, AVS has in-house capabilities including furnace design, engineering, ASME certified welding, controls engineering, design, and complete integration of complex fully customized furnace systems. AVS supplies total furnace solutions. Whether heated by resistance or induction, AVS furnace specifications originate with the customer. To build the right custom furnace, AVS uses the customer’s intimate process knowledge to determine the ideal performance criteria. The customer specifies all size, weight, temperature, uniformity, vacuum, pressure, and gas atmosphere requirements.

AVS not only supplies furnaces throughout the world, but also offers ongoing technical support to our many customers. An AVS furnace with the ACE™ Data Acquisition and Control System includes lifetime technical support via telephone and internet access via a customer-provided internet connection for remote control diagnostics and furnace troubleshooting. AVS also offers installation assistance, on-site furnace inspection, furnace repair, furnace rebuilds, furnace refurbishment, and furnace upgrade services. All AVS furnace customers have access to aftermarket replacement parts, spare parts and maintenance services to keep their furnaces up and running. On-site controls upgrades and on-site training are also available.