Bell Furnaces at Advanced Vacuum Furnaces(AVS)

Bell / Heatherington Style Furnaces

For delicate parts or loads with high sensitivity to movement, AVS can provide bell-style furnaces to assure minimum disturbance of a customer load. A vertical bell furnace features a stationary bottom hearth for staging the customer load. Once the product is in position on the hearth, the body of the vacuum chamber with internal heater assembly is lowered over the product.

The Hetherington bell-style furnace brand was purchased by AVS in 2005. Hetherington furnaces feature bottom-loading, electro-polished chambers for operation in high vacuum (10-6torr) or partial pressure gas atmospheres such as argon, nitrogen and wet or dry hydrogen. The all stainless steel, molybdenum or tungsten hot zones are particularly suitable for applications intolerant to particulate contamination, such as medical or semiconductor production. In addition to manufacturing new Hetherington style furnaces, AVS offers continuing aftermarket service to all original Hetherington furnace owners, and also upgrades to contemporary instrument and control technologies.